This is the standard first post of the platform. It isn’t mean to be exciting nor is it. The fact that I am typing it while in a government class in the local university must be an irony. The purpose of this platform is deeply ingrained with the idea of education and enlightenment. I want to inform people and restore the trust in journalism; but not just that, I would also like to empower people to understand their government and the part they play as citizens. No other media source does this. They want to paint a picture and have you observe it. Rather I would like to guide you holding the paint brush and allow you to paint the picture. I want to give you the information and provide you with the resources for you to move forward in making an opinion. I’ll even provide a platform to debate or discuss on Reddit, fully moderated, civility enforced, but open and free to innovative debate and conversation. I have great hopes in this site and I intend to take it as far as I can. It will just be me for a long time. Understand I am one man, simply a human, and not as fast as a machine or a a professional media source. I am not trying to win the race, as I will never succeed, but working to build a foundation of trust and reputation. I hope to expand on other mediums but it all starts at the bottom. No man ever started at the top. Good luck I suppose, and good luck, the ride begins this week. Let it be grand and let it be exciting.



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